An Unforgettable Trip to the United States
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This summer, I was lucky to travel to the United States with some of my schoolmates and teachers. It was only by staying there that we could enjoy the unique atmosphere of the mysterious country.

I like the sky there. So beautiful the clouds were that I took many photos. Looking up at the sky, I wondered whether I was in a fairy tale world. I would describe the mysterious clouds as horses, lollipops or others, which I could not help imagining catching them in my hand.

I like the streets there, so neat and clean. Every time I breathed, I felt as if I were in a wonderland village and could smell the fragrance of soil. There was also little dust in the street, which I liked very much. What impressed me most was not only its natural environment but also its harmonious and friendly humanism.

It was at school---Long Beach of The University of California that I received generous help from a stranger. After finishing some activities with foreign teachers, I felt thirsty and wanted to buy a bottle of water by vending machines. I put some coins into it. Try as I might, I did not know how to get it to work, feeling embarrassed. I was about to give up when a woman who drove a garbage trunk came over. "Hello!" She waved to me, saying "Do you need some help?", loudly but friendly. I told her about my embarrassed. The instant she understood my situation, she pressed a button and the machine began to work. In addition, she instructed me how to use it. I was so grateful to her that I hugged her. Hot as the weather was, I felt cool at that moment.

Now I have returned to my normal high school life, but never will I forget what I have experienced in America. I will keep it in my mind for I have got a lot during my stay in the USA.